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Stig Pryds NR CWT 105 m

Watch Stig Pryds break the Scandinavian depth record in July 2018.

Dolphins, Dugongs & Yoga in the Red Sea

Stig Pryds is a champion freediver with an incredible story that makes him a small miracle in the freediving world. He is world famous for his “yoga freedive” video that broke the Red Bull streaming records with stunning +48 million views.

Stig has now teamed up with Kingfish to offer a unique liveaboard safari in the Red Sea onboard the luxurious vessel Emperor Elite, combining yoga and breathing exercises with the possibility to freedive and snorkel on with wild dolphins and dugongs. 

Tailormade trip for snorklers and freedivers

We have tailormade a speciel route to give you the best possibility to swim with wild dolphins and dugongs. Also look forward to morning yoga & breathing excercises on the sundeck with a stunning ocean view.

This trip is perfect for snorklers and freedivers of all levels who always dreamt of swimming with dolphins and/or dugongs and who would like to see more than "just" beautiful coral reefs. Almost every site is protected bays and reefs and whether you snorkel or freedive (or do both) a full program with lots of hours in the water awaits you on this group trip. You can also look forward to colourful coral reefs with a good marine life and good chances of close encounters with big turtles.

About this unique adventure

The trip is for people with interest in snorkeling, freediving and yoga and is aimed at anyone looking for a great adventure. Get to know yourself and your breathing better, and get the tools to reach a better inner balance and feel the freedom under the surface, in just one breath. All in an informal, friendly and non-competitive environment.

Stig will be on hand each day throughout the trip sharing his knowledge on yoga, breathing exercises and freediving. All levels of snorkelers and freedivers are welcome – all that is required to participate is that you can swim unaided a minimum of 200m.

The whole trip is based on "having good time" and to develop yourself while having a great ocean holiday. Our experience is, that being this many people together with the same purpose will make sure you do “just that”.

About Stig Pryds

In 2008 Stig was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and soon after found himself in a wheelchair and in need of many mechanical remedies to help him with his new handicap. In 2013 Stig replaced the arthritis medicin, wheelchair and western diet with Yoga, breathing exercise and deep freediving. Although he will never be cured from this condition, he found a way to improve his life quality with own effort. This provided him with results which no-one could have expected, and he is now truly a small miracle in the freediving world. 

Stig is an overall a top athlet across the free diving disciplines and currently holds 10 Scandinavian freediving records as well as well as 1 bronze medal from the World Championship, 1 silver and 2 bronze from the Vertical Blue competition, 1 Gold from Eurocup. His current maximum depth registered is 105 meter.

In between competitions, Stig is a very active key-note speaker on self-healing, arthritis and pain relief through the power of "breathing", anti stress and does about 40-50 presentations every year for patient groups, corporate and public appearances, as well as individual coaching on the topic.

He is good company, genuine in his interest to help people overcome, and gain increased balance and quality of life.

Itinerary on the boat

Day 1: Flight from your home country to Hurghada. Transfer to the boat in Port Ghalib (app. 3½ hours drive).
Day 2 - Day 7: Morning yoga & breathing excercises with Stig Pryds. Rest of the day spent snorkeling and freediving, also during night. The boat moves every day, so we will get to see many new sites. In total three of the days are "open pool" - spread evenly over the week. The last day ends in the afternoon before we return to port. 
Day 8: Transfer to the airport and flight to your home country.

Full program for snorkelers and freedivers in the Red Sea

On this trip we have 6 days for all the snorkeling and freediving activities you wish. We plan 3 guided snorkeling/freediving sessions each day, but we will use the concept "pool is open" so if you want to jump in the water just with your buddy you can get even more time in the water every day. There will also be opportunity for night snorkeling/freediving, where you get the chance to see marine life that you will not see during the day. 

Special route to see the most beautiful coral reefs and bays to encounter dolphins, dugongs and turtles

To get the best chances to get real close to dolphins and dugongs we have specially selected the best sites for meeting them. At the same sites we will probably get the best chances to see the big, lazy turtles of the Red Sea, which will be an extra plus to the trip. Some of the sites we will visit you may have heard of before, some will be new to you. This special route gives you a unique combination of the best places that we dare to say you will not get anywhere else. The boat trip starts and ends in Port Ghalib and underway we will pass many bays and stunning coral reefs with lots of marine life.

Dolphins on Sataya Reef & Dolphin House

Look forward to these two reefs in the Southern part of Egypt. Both are home to many spinner dolphins and are known to probably be the best place in the Red Sea to meet these beautiful animals. We have planned the trip so that we have amble time and thus the best chance to get in the water with the dolphins, which are normally curious at different times during the day. Besides dolphins these two sites also have stunning coral reefs and even caverns to explore. 

What is a dugong?

A dugong is a big marine mammal, which is very peaceful and calm. The animals are herbivores and grow up to 3 metres long and a weight of up to 500 kg. They are relatives of the elephants. Dugongs feed on sea grass that is consumed on shallow water in bays, which we will come by along the Southern coast of Egypt. The same bays are visited by turtles, which also feed on seagrass. Dugongs can hold their breath for 6 minutes but will surface regularly, which make them more easy to spot, if you know how and where to look - and we do :-)

"The Pool is open" - you are free to snorkel and freedive as much as you like!

During the week we will use the concept "Pool is open" several times. This means that the boat will be staying in the same area for a longer period and we can snorkel and freedive as much and for as long as we like. You only need to get back on the boat to charge your camera or rest and eat :-)

The specific route/schedule cannot be guaranteed and will be dependent on wind and weather. The animals are wild and free and encounters cannot be guaranted. We will do our very best to give you the best possibility to encounter the animals.

Our home on the ocean - the liveaboard

On this trip to the Red Sea we have hired the large and luxurious boat "Emperor Elite". We have worked with Emperor Divers, who owns the boat, since 2007 and thus we are sure to get a well-run boat, professional guides and delicious food. 

Watch Stig Pryds do yoga while freediving

Earlier this year, a video with Stig broke the Red bull streaming records with stunning +48 million views, and we look forward to see what else he has planned for us to marvel at. See the video below.

Chance to also snorkel and freedive with dolphins and dugong

Price for Yoga, Dolphin & Dugong trip with Stig Pryds 


- Freediver Stig Pryds as group leader and freediving guide
- 6 nights on liveaboard
- 1 night in hotel in Hurghada
- Shared cabin/room with bathroom and a/c
- Morning yoga & breathing excercises
- 5½ days with full program for snorkelers and freedivers
- All meals on liveaboard
- Soft drinks/water/coffee/tea on liveaboard
- All transfers in Egypt (set time from/to Hurghada airport)
- Environmental/port/marine park/fuel surcharge fees (80 Euro)
- Fee to the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund

Not included:

- Flights to Egypt (we will gladly help from anywhere in the world)
- Visa to Egypt 
- Any insurances
- Unspecified drinks and meals
- Crew gratuities
- Equipment rental
- Any supplement for upgrade to upper/main deck cabin (DKK 500,-/prs), junior suite (DKK 1.000,-/prs) and executive suite (DKK 2.000/prs).

Freediving, yoga and dolphins with Stig Pryds - Egypt - April 2019

DKK 9.999,00

Unique liveaboard for snorkelers and freedivers with yoga and breathing excercises by the Scandinavian Freedive Champion Stig Pryds. We visit the best coral reefs in the Red Sea to also swim with wild dolphins and dugongs.
(Price: 1.340 Euro)

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Afrejse 06. april 2019
Varighed 8 days
Sæson Clear blue water 24-25 degrees
Bemærkninger Freedive, Yoga & Breathing excercises with Stig Pryds, combined with best chance of dolphins and dugong.

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