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Worldclass Big Animal Expeditions

Join us on one of our big animal expeditions - in cold or warm water - and we are certain you will want to come on another.

We provide the grounds for real adventures, so you can get amazing wildlife encounters with sharks, orcas, crocodiles, whales and other large marine animals - just like you have seen them on Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Our unique expeditions are led by very experienced guides who only take a small number of guests with them. This allows for the best animal interaction and most importantly leaves as little impact on the wildlife as possible. You can be a snorkeller or a diver - with or without a camera - all you really need to bring is a passion for nature and a spirit of adventure. Then your trip of a lifetime can begin.

We plan our expeditions in details using expert knowledge, keeping safety standards high and aim to give you life-changing experiences in an informal and friendly environment.

Extra benefits of travelling with Kingfish Expeditions:

  • Dedicated team of 4 full time travel consultants offering expert advise

  • 24-hours travel agency hotline (in case you should need it during your travels)

  • Member #1824 of Denmarks Travel Guarantee Fund setting a high standard for Scandinavian Travel Agencies

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