Orca Liveaboard Norway - JAN-OCT-NOV-DEC 2021

Arctic expedition to swim with orcas, humpback whales and to see northern lights. 
Join us on our expedition ship in January 2021 & October - November - December 2021.
(Price: from 3.340 Euro)


October - November - December 2020


7 days


The Arctic - Orcas, humpbacks & northern lights north of the Polar Circle


Expedition ship - to put you on the best action!
24.999,00 DKK

(Ekskl. fly)

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Swim with orcas in Norway and see northern lights

Join us on this Arctic Expedition to northern Norway. We venture north of the polarcircle in search of the opportunity to swim with gracious orcas and enormous humpback whales. We stay onboard our expedition ship "MS Stronstad" and the beautiful Norwegian fiords and snowcaped mountains provides a stunning background for this adventure - only surpassed by the magic of the northern light “Aurora Borealis”, which paints the dark sky in a fantastic show of lights.

All photos are taken from on our previous trips and are kindly made available to us by our guests. All photos are under copyright among other by Tobias Friedrich.

Millions of herring attract orcas and humpbacks

From October to february huge shoals of herring migrate from the Atlantic Ocean to the northwestern coast of Norway where they spend the winter in the fiords and later move south the coast to spawn. The herring attract a large number of orcas and humpback whales, who penetrate deep into the fiords to feast on this vast source of food. This provides us with an excellent opportunity to snorkle and freedive with these giants of the sea.

Norway - the only place in the world to swim with orcas

Norway is without doubt the best place in the world to swim with the beautiful and intelligent Orcas, and this Arctic Expedition provides you with the best opportunity to succeed in doing so.


Stay on a liveaboard expedition ship

The whales follow the herring and it is impossible to predict exactly in which fiords the action will take place. Therefore we are based on a liveaboard so we will be able to place you on the best action where ever it may be during your Orca Expedition.

Dates in 2021:
04-10. January - OPEN FOR GROUPS
10-16. January - 7 SPACES
16-22. January - OPEN FOR GROUPS

24-30. October - OPEN FOR GROUPS
30-05. November: OPEN FOR GROUPS
05-11. November - FULLY BOOKED
11-17. November - 13 SPACES
17-23. November - OPEN FOR GROUPS
23-29. November - FULLY BOOKED
29-05. December - OPEN FOR GROUPS
06-12. December - OPEN FOR GROUPS

Contact us for more dates and updated availability.

Itinerary for Orcas in Norway

Day 1:
Board the liveaboard in the afternoon in Tromso. Welcome briefing and dinner followed by a night cruise to the best area for whales at the given time of your orca liveaboard expedition.

Day 2 – Day 6:
We spend 5 full days in the fiords searching for orcas and humpbacks to swim with. The fiords and mountains are extremely beautiful and a perfect setting, and you can also experience animals like eagles and seals. At night we relax and use the steaming hottub (and a cold arctic dip if you dare) and enjoy the stunning arctic night sky lit by millions of stars as well as northern lights. On day 6 we cruise back to Tromso during the night.

Day 7:
After breakfast, we disembark the boat and there's a morning transfer to the airport.



Swim with Killer Whales

Swimming with Orcas, or Killer Whales as they are also called, is only possible in Norway, and this fantastic experience is only for the few. We plan our expeditions carefully to maximize the chances to experience feeding Orcas and Humpbacks, both from the boat and by snorkling and freediving. 

Why choose us:

- Experienced expedition leaders and skippers.
- 2 zodiacs which will get you close for watching and snorkling.
- 5 days on the water utilizing all daylight to improve your chances to find the whales.
- A liveaboard will give you the best chance to be on the action at all times during your trip.

Orcas in Norway are carousel feeding on herring

The Orca is the biggest of the dolphin family and among the most powerful predators on earth. They grow up to 10 meters and weigh 9 tons, and are intelligent animals living in families comprising up to 40 members. The characteristic black and white patterns and the males 2-meter dorsal fin make the Orca one of the most beautiful and dramatic creatures in our oceans. In Norway, it is commen to experience large families with babies, males and females hunting the herrings into large baitballs. The Orcas in Norway have developed a technique called "carousel feeding", where they take turns in stunning the herring with powerful tail slaps to eat them one by one. Orcas are curious by nature increasing your chances of a once in a lifetime encounter with this amazing animal.

Lunge feeding Humpback whales

Humpbacks are massive whales measuring up to 19 meter and weighing 40 tons. They are baleen whales living on krill, plankton and smaller fish. A close encounter with this giant of the ocean, who is often acompanied by their babies, is a breathtaking experience. The humpbacks come to Norway to feed on the herring which they typically "steal" from the Orcas who have rounded them up into batiballs. The whales come from below and the surface begins to boil with jumping herring trying to escape the massive open mouth of the humpbacks breaking the surface to swallow as many fish as possible – a truely breathtaking sight! 

A typical day on the ocean

We have app. 3-5 hours of daylight in the Arctic and after breakfast our skilled skippers do their outmost to locate the whales and get us in a position to dive into their world. You are welcome to join the search from the viewing platforms on the ship or if you prefer you can stay warm inside the expedition ship and enjoy the dramatic fiord landscape with a hot cup of coffee between your hands. Once located we board the smaller dinghys to get really close to the action. Hot lunch is waiting when daylight fades and you can then relax in the lounges or use the hottub as you wish. After a tasty dinner with traditional Norwegian dishes like reindeer or fish, we head out to look for northern lights from the top boat decks.

Wild animals and the weather

Orcas and humpback whales are wild animals following their food source. From many years of experience we have chosen a liveaboard and travel periods that best match the historical migration patterns of the herring and hence the whales. This maximizes your chances of getting as close to the animals as possible. However, it is impossible to guarantee the behaviour of wild animals or weather conditions. If weather should prevent us from going to sea, we try our best to plan other activities.

Experience & Equipment

This trip is open to anyone and non-swimmers are also welcome. We do recommend that you have some snorkelling experience and that you are comfortable in being in open water. You also need to be able to help getting yourself in and out of the dinghys. We have skilled and helpful guides on the trip that will make sure everybody gets a good experience.

Water temperature is around 4-7 degrees celcius (app. 39 degrees fahrenheit), and we recommend a thick freediving suit or a drysuit. If you don’t have one, you can rent one from us. 



Orca Liveaboard

This trip is based onboard our expedition ship (a liveaboard) to secure that we can provide you with the best location to find the animals whenever you decide to join us.

The ship has double cabins as well as quad cabins and "from" price is based on staying in a shared quad cabin.

Dates & Rates for Orca Liveaboard in Norway

Dates in 2021:

04-10. January - OPEN FOR GROUPS
16-22. January - OPEN FOR GROUPS

24-30. October - OPEN FOR GROUPS
30-05. November: OPEN FOR GROUPS
05-11. November - FULLY BOOKED
11-17. November - OPEN FOR INDIVIDUALS
17-23. November - OPEN FOR GROUPS
23-29. November - FULLY BOOKED
29-05. December - OPEN FOR GROUPS
06-12. December - OPEN FOR GROUPS

Contact us for more dates and updated availability.

Rates for your Orca Expedition

Quad Shared Cabin: DKK 24.999,-/person
Twin Shared Cabin: DKK 26.999,-/person


- Experienced Scandinavian expedition leader fluent in english
- 6 nights on liveaboard in shared cabin
- 5 days on the fiords searching for orcas and humpbacks
- 2 zodiacs with skippers
- All meals on liveaboard
- Water/tea/coffee on liveaboard
- Group airport transfers in Norway
- Warm protective oversuit to wear over drysuit/freediversuit
- Weights & weightbelt

Not included:

- Flights (we will happily assist with your flights, just let us know)
- Tourist visa (if required)
- Personal cancellation & travel insurance
- Non specified beverages and meals
- Rental of equipment/drysuit
- Tips for local crew

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