Lars Kirkegaard Filippinerne byder på ufattelig skønhed under vand Puerto Galera har verdensklasse makrodykning Frogfish in the Philippines Slap af i baren ved Atlantis Dive Resort Fiskestime ved Puerto Galera Glæd dig til rigtig flot makrodykning The boxer of the sea - Preying mantis - the Foto udstyrsrum på Atlantis Glæd dig til flotte solnedgang Mating mandarinfish are always a great challenge Turtle on coral reef Pool på resortet Sea horses hiding

General info

Photo trip to the Philippines / Puerto Galera with Lars Kirkegaard

This diving holiday takes place in collaboration with Lars Kirkegaard and offers a unique journey to the Philippines focusing on photo & video. Lars Kirkegaard is one of Scandinavia's most experienced underwater photographers and teachers, holds lectures and workshops every year and participates as a judge in photo competitions.

About the photo trip

The trip is for people with a particular interest in photography and film shooting and it’s aimed at anyone who wants to learn how to improve their underwater photography in an informal, friendly and non-competitive environment.

Lars will be helpful every day throughout the trip and ready with good advice. The level of knowledge is high, and the trip is for anyone who wants to combine learning with diving. It doesn’t matter as whether you only have a GoPro or an old camera as it is the person behind the camera that is most important to Lars and his team.
The whole trip is intended to "be a good holiday" and to get the best pictures. It is our experience that it will make it easier for you to precisely achieve that when you are around a lot of people who all have that same goal. All enthusiasts are welcome!

About Lars Kirkegaard

Lars has taken underwater pictures for more than 25 years and has a background as Commercial Studio Photographer and Graphic Management expert. Besides doing a lot of TV work for both Danish and German channels, he also owns his own online store,, where he sells underwater photo equipment all over Europe.

During the last 10 years, Lars has also held underwater photo courses throughout the Nordic region. He has previously arranged several photo tours – a number of those with some of the world's most recognized underwater photographers, such as. Alex Mustard, Keri Wilks and the Norwegian macro expert Christian Skauge.

World class macro and lots of wide angle

Puerto Galera used to be a small fishing village, but the area around is now declared marine reserve, to protect and maintain the diverse marine life.

The diving offers beautiful coral reefs with a large fishing life and is also known for no less than world-class macro diving with all the smaller creatures such as: octopus, toadfish, nudibranchs and seahorses of all sizes. In addition, you can look forward to diving on the wreck that lies only a few minutes from our diving resort as well as everything from vertical coral walls to large beautiful coral blocks that together make up a beautiful and varied underwater landscape for anyone looking for beautiful tropical diving. The diving is generally easy and with more than 30 dive sites within only 15min there are plenty of good experiences in lovely warm and blue water.

Program of your photo and diving trip

Day 1: Departure from Denmark.
Day 2: Arrival in Manila. After approx. 3 hours drive and boat trip we arrive at our delicious diving resort and can relax with a swim in the pool.
Day 3-7: Five diving days with up to 5 guided dives / day incl. night dive (up to 25 dives)
Day 8: Day trip to Verde Island with 3 dives & BBQ on the beach.
Day 9: The day is for free use. More diving, sightseeing, relaxation ... you decide.
Day 10: After a fun morning, we go to Manila and fly home.
Day 11: Arrival in Denmark

Diving - 6 diving days with up to 29 dives

We have included 6 days with up to 5 dives / day incl. night dive. One of the days include a day trip to Verde Island - which is a must-dive on your diving trip to Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera - dive with more than 1700 fish species

Over 30 dive sites within only 15min boat trip. The area is known for its large species diversity with everything from great schools of fish to world-class macro diving and in the marine reserve over 1736 different fish species have been observed. Puerto Galera also offers a beautiful and varied underwater landscape where you can dive on everything from coral walls to large beautiful coral blocks in both deep and low water. The area is ideal for experienced as well as beginners.

Verde Island & Canyons - experience great schools of sweetlips and barracuda

This offers some of the best diving in the area and it’s a must-dive on your diving trip to Puerto Galera. These signature dives allow you to experience great schools of everything from sweetlips to barracuda and trevally at "The Canyons". You can look forward to a day trip to the nearby "Verde Island" which offers great beautiful coral walls and giant schools. Between the dives we relax with a delicious BBQ on the island. These dive sites requires an advanced certificate.

World-class macro life - seahorses, octopuses and nudibranchs

Year after year, underwater photographers from all over the world are returning to Mindoro because of the extraordinary macro life found here. There are pygmy seahorses, common seahorses, giant seahorses, a myriad of different cephalopods, nudibranchs, crustaceans, squid and lots of different toad fish, all of which are so well camouflaged that you almost think they have dressed for costume party. The area probably offers the very best macro diving in the Philippines.

Wreck dive with frogfish and scorpion fish

You can also look forward to wreck dives. "Wrecks of Sabang" is a special dive of 18 meters which is definitely worth a visit on your holiday to Mindoro. Here you dive on 3 smaller wrecks located within a small area, but with a rich fish life and good chance to see frogfish, batfish and scorpion fish. The recent wreck of "Alma Jane" was sunk in 2003 and is located at 30 meters just off the coast. The wreck has quickly become the home for a lot of fish with good schools.

Good visibility & lovely temperatures

In March you can expect approx. 20m visibility and a water temperature of about 26 degrees celsius.

Accommodation - Luxury diving resort right on the beach

On this photo trip we stay at the Atlantis Dive Resort, located right down to the water in the small town of Sabang and only a few miles from Puerto Galera. Atlantis is perhaps the area's best dive resort of high standard with a well-functioning photo equipment room and the resort's own "Restaurant Toko" known for really delicious food. You are in the middle of a large selection of restaurants and shops, but inside the resort is peaceful and there’s a good diving atmosphere. We live in lovely deluxe rooms.

Stay surrounded by beautiful beaches and palm trees

The area around Puerto Galera is surrounded by beach, sea, mango trees, coconut and banana palms and offers much more than all the great diving we have planned the group trip. You can also look forward to jungle treks and swims in waterfalls for example.

Film of the diving near Puerto Galera

Atlantis Dive Resort and the diving around Puerto Galera

Slideshow from Puerto Galera

Movie clips from Puerto Galera

Practical information about your photo tour

Below we have summed up more details about what makes this trip very special.

How the trip will work

This trip is not a workshop, but a regular diving holiday with the overall theme: Photo, video, light and editing. The diving at Puerto Galera makes it easy to work with the camera, and the guides are really good at finding special animals, so you will always have new challenges and animals to work with. The location is perfect for this purpose so even if you have been here before, don’t let that stop you and this will be a whole new experience.

During the week there will be several sessions where we evaluate pictures and talk about some of the questions and issues that may arise. This gives you a unique opportunity to collaboratively improve your knowledge, learn how to use your camera while having a great trip. There will be different nationalities participating in the tour, so the sessions will be in English, but we can certainly hold some smaller sessions for just a few if there is a need for this.

Which camera do I need?

Everyone is welcome and for us it doesn’t matter what type of camera you use. Whether you have a GoPro or an old camcorder, we’ll figure it out! The team is more interested in the person behind the camera.

It is a good idea to bring a laptop, as we are going to do a lot of editing in the evening. It’s at this time you’ll get feedback from both Lars and the other divers during the holidays.

Departure & prices - photo tour to the Philippines with Lars Kirkegaard


- Flight (return): Kastrup - Manila (or departure from an airport near you)

- Lars Kirkegaard as a tour guide

- 8 nights in deluxe room with bath / toilet & A/C

- 6 days with up to 5 guided boat dives / day (up to 29 dives)

- Day trip to Verde Island with 3 dives and BBQ on the island (as one of the above diving days)

- Night dive

- Breakfast every day

- Drinking water at the resort

- All transfers in the Philippines

- Tanks & weights

- Fee for the Travel Guarantee Fund

- Full package trip (Advantages of the ‘package travel law and the Travel Guarantee Fund’)

Not included:

- Additional expenses from flights elsewhere than from Kastrup (we are happy to help with this)

- Unspecified activities

- Nitrox

- Drinks

- Equipment rental

- Visa & insurance

- Local airport taxes (approx. 20 USD)

Photography with Lars Kirkegaard - Puerto Galera - March 2020

DKK 19.999 (app. 2.695 Euro) Includes flights

Photography divetrip with Lars Kirkegaard. Dive the beautiful coral reefs of the Philippines with lots of life, wrecks and world class macro!

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Afrejse 21st March 2020
Varighed 11 days
Sæson Best season for weather and diving in the Philippines
Bemærkninger Grouptrip for all who are interested in photography & video

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